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Bear Lake – Not just another pretty place

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The Mission:

Protect and Preserve Bear Lake

Bear Lake – Not just another pretty place

Geologically Rare

Oldest known continually “wet” lake on the continent.

Over a quarter of a million years of being wet!

Survived Ice ages and Warm dry ages!

Most lakes die relatively quickly.

Scientifically Significant

Time Machine – gives man-kind a look in the Climate and Ecology of the Region and world.

Sediments layered into its depths preserve the clues going back at least 250,000 years

Clues of atmosphere, plant pollen and fragments, tiny creatures and chemicals and more. Preserved!

Ecologically Essential

Species conservation!

Isolation created endemic species, found no where else on earth!

4 Endemic species of fish

Most genetically pure population of Bonneville cutthroat trout.

Other creatures now extinct.

Marsh lands essential habitat for migrating and nesting

Chemically Perplexing

Yet unkown water source provides unique chemistry that helped it survive the ages.
Long-lived because it was isolated from the river flow.
How does it remain so blue?
Ground water may have mixed, but high river flows were “settled” out its sediment load into the northern end of the valley, creating the Dingle Marsh.

Historically Transforming

Bear Lake Built it!

By the power of its water Bear Lake put the Intermountain West on the map with energy to make industry run and transportation move.

Water for large scale food production.

The base of today’s economy and many fortunes!

Economically Critical

Things this beautiful are rare, therefore Valuable.

Bear Lake is the heart of the local economy. “Blue is what people come to buy!”

Incredible non-consumptive product that people seek out, just to see it, sit by it, connect to it.

 Thousands invest their time and treasure to experience it…

If for just a day, a week or a lifetime ,

It is the place family and friends.

Naturally Nurturing

It provides sights, sounds and textures of nature that revitalize the mind, body & soul.

Thru inspiring sunrises, star-filled night skies and the interactions with water, this special place gives a natural balance to life.

Intertwined in Society

Ingrained deep into the Fiber of our Society as a place to connect with nature, with families and friends.

A place to let children (of all ages) learn about the wonders of big world and the tiny grains of sand.

Open spaces to play are the laboratories of character and inventive minds.


…but Bear Lake is a pretty place!

Can we keep it that way?

As We Found It

In the era of European settlement of North America, trappers and explorers discovered this beautiful lake sitting in a valley. It was described as a “slate of glass” Learn More

The Designs of Men

Agricultural interests in the lower valleys had their eyes on Bear Lake. At the same time the Industrial Resolution created a desire for large scale electrical generation Learn More

A Century of Use

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry” Early demand for electricity grew rapidly as did the call for agricultural irrigation water. Double demand kept the lake very low.  Learn More

…for nearly a century only the voices of

Power and Irrigation were heard.

 A New Voice

In the 1990’s concerned citizens join forces to take action…

Bear Lake Watch was born.

 Bear Lake Watch

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Our Team

Claudia Cottle

Claudia Cottle

Co - Executive Director

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Jody Burnett


David Cottle

David Cottle

Co - Executive Director