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Geologically Rare

Oldest know continually “wet” lake on the continent.

Over a quarter of a million years of being wet!

Survived Ice ages and Warm dry ages!

Most lakes die relatively quickly.

Scientifically Significant

Time Machine – gives man-kind a look in the Climate and Ecology of the Region and world.

Sediments layered into its depths preserve the clues going back at least 250,000 years

Clues of atmosphere, plant pollen and fragments, tiny creatures and chemicals and more. Preserved!

Ecologically Essential

Species conservation!

Isolation created endemic species, found no where else on earth!

4 Endemic species of fish

Most genetically pure population of Bonneville cutthroat trout.

Other creatures now extinct.

Marsh lands essential habitat for migrating and nesting

Chemically Mystical

Still holds the secret of its private water supply and unique chemistry that helped it survive the ages

How does it remain So Blue?

Historically Important

Bear Lake Built It.  Water & Power!

Put Intermountain West on the map with hydro power generation to make industry run and transportation move.

Water to grow  food on a large scale plus industrial crops – Sugar Processing, Vegetable Canning, and more.

The base of today’s economy and many fortunes!

“We built this city” -sing it –

Economically Critical

Blue is what we sell – Incredible non-consumptive product that people come from miles around to get.

People spend their live savings to invest to be near it, share with family and friends.

Naturally Nurturing

A natural wonder that creates energy without moving a drop. Re-creating body and soul.

Ingrained deep into the Fiber of our Society as a place to connect with nature, with families and friends.

A place to let children (of all ages) learn about the wonders of big world and the tiny grains of sand.

Open spaces to play are the laboratories of character and inventive minds.

Beautiful & Valuable

Things this beautiful are rare

therefore Valuable