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Bear Lake Watch


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Meeting & Events

No Meetings for now - boo! C19

Science Symposium Sept. 7, 2018

Utah Shoreline Info

Shoreline Meetings & Info

  • FFSL
  • Shoreline Caucuses
  • Notices
  • General Info


  • Mooring
  • Lake Bed mgt..
  • AIS - Quagga
Idaho Shoreline Info

Shoreline Meetings & Info

  • IDL - State Lands
  • Shoreline Caucuses
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  • Mooring
  • Lake Bed mgnt.
  • AIS - Quagga

ations Updates

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Boating & Navigation
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  • Boat Inspections & AIS Prevention
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What is Bear Lake Watch

Learning Portal

Driving Tour: History of the diversion

Driving Tour: History and Diversion of Bear River

Historic map of Bear Lake area - 1877 Wheeler survey2

USU Quinney Library BLW Special Collection

Bear Lake Watch Special Collection

An online digital special collections of interest to the members of Bear Lake Watch and the bear river watershed community. In an effort to preserve and collate the materials and provide easy access where possible, the Quinney Library has digitized numerous documents.

This database aims to provide reviewed reports from the work of water scientists, engineers, managers, policy-makers, and concerned citizens. These reports represent experts from academia, industry, and other entities.

History of Bear Lake


  • As we found it
  • What was changed
  • The impacts
  • The Stewardship
Bear Lake Uniquness

What makes a lake?

What makes Bear Lake special?

  • Physical Forces
  • Ecosystems
  • Water Chemistry
  • Water Quality
The Law of the Lake
  • History of Bear Lake law
  • Law of The Bear
  • Bear Lake Settlement Agreement

Science & Data Center

Data Center

Data Center

Bear Lake Water-Quality Data Visualization

Bear Lake Water-Quality Data Visualization

USGS Project overview

2018-2022 Constant Site Eastside Ut-ID Border
2018 Site station near Gus Rich Point: 
2019 Site station Northwest Fish Haven:
Weather Information from Bear Lake sites

Lake Level and Operations

Data Center

  • Lake Level Graphs

Operations Information

Science Projects
  • USGS Monitoring Project
  • USU Sediment Research
  • Questions & Suggestions
State of Bear Lake Science 2018 - In Review

Just the Cool Stuff

Art & Photo
  • Events - Happenings
  • Post Your Photos
  • Around the Lake in 80 Ways
  • Art Gallery
  • Events - Happenings
  • Post Your Photos
  • Around the Lake in 80 Ways
  • Art Gallery
Team Fund Raising

Team Challenges


For the Birds

Birds sighting - Photo posting

Fish Stories

The Big Ones - Photo posting

Just Cool Stuff

Moon Rise

Solar Calendar