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Two States – One Goal

For the preservation of Bear Lake

The Situation:

It is good to see the high water trying to reclaim its natural shoreline, but it’s depressing to see the accumulations of black goo and piles of the infamous muck covering what was once a delightful interface for enjoying the lake. Most importantly, this situation doesn’t bode well for the future of Bear Lake’s unique and natural character and value.

The Problem:

It seems like every year BearLakers have to grappled with ever threatening issues and changing policies with regard to the condition and management of the lake and its shoreline. It is frustrating for all involved.


There will continue to be conflicts until we, collectively, have well-defined common goals – between the people, for whom the lake is to benefit and our state governments, who have the responsibility to ensure those benefits and manage its uses.

The Solution:

We believe it is possible to provide many uses and still preserve Bear Lake’s valuable characteristics and desirable qualities, but it won’t just happen. It takes thoughtful consideration and commitment.

Solutions may not be simple, but the pathway is basic

  1. Assess the Situation.
  2. Define the goal.
  3. Develop a plan.
  4. Execute the plan.

The Pathway:

Two States – One Goal

2019 STRATEGY – Help move the process forward and obtain official recognition of problems and prescribe pathways to solutions via the Legislature, by passing a Resolution in Utah and Joint Memorial in Idaho. DONE! (Read more Progress)




Because of the increased contributions of the past two years, we were able to take a big step towards establishing a goal for the preservation for Bear Lake. During the 2019 legislative sessions a Resolution in Utah and a Memorial in Idaho were passed with mirrored language calling for defining the goal and developing the plan for the long-term preservation of Bear Lake.

Read them on the following pages.

Utah Resolution on Bear Lake 2019

Idaho Joint Memorial Bear Lake 2019